"Guan" is a centre providing ways & facilities for developing healthy body, mind & soul. Our centre will provide the following programmes and services:

Scientific Spiritual Dialogue
Do you have any issue or do you encounter any difficulties in dealing with your emotion, marriage, work, human inter-relationship? Are you feeling helpless and are being interrupted by unknown fear recently?

There has been proved successful incident of more than 6,000 cases being treated and healed via "Scientific Spiritual": by going through a series of communication and memory search, we found out the problems, identify the true reasons behind, remove the obstacles, face the difficulties, overcome the blockages and finally resolve them. This programme is applicable to a wide varieties of targeted persons including children who do not express themselves very clearly or even to animals. The fact that a lot of the problems are being hidden deeply in our hearts and we do not know them since they are not being identified. By applying the "Scientific Spiritual Dialogue" programme, we are able to discover and even to stop these hidden problems being exploded or getting worse. Even for those friends who now live happily we do also suggest you to come and try as there is an ancient saying "it is better to found our early and stop it before it becomes deteriorated ".

Film Appreciation
From time to time, we will collect those films or information which are related to developing and building and improving our health mentally and physically, e.g. human related; family related; society related; world related or even universe related After the film show, we will hold discussions to hear your findings and learning from the films. In addition, we are also happy to resolve any issues that you have encountered in your daily life. We will try to share with you our opinion and views so as to help you to find out the best resolutions, how to develop your unlimited power and potential and to empower your life.

Spiritual Seminar
From time to time, we will hold seminars focusing on
  • improving human relationship with your friends, working colleagues,

  • improving relationship with your family and your children

  • arriving at harmonious marriage relationship

  • enhancing our spiritual mind and body

  • find out the real cause of illness and be healthy both mentally & physically

  • aiming at successful work career and business relationship

  • investigating the mystery of universe and life & death

  • improving the value of life
Through this seminar we aim at leading you to the right path of finding out the appropriate way of how to improve and arrive at a superior mental state and finally lead to a joyful and meaningful, and valuable life.